We believe that membership in a local church is important. Membership means we have committed ourselves to one another for the purpose of growing together as followers of Jesus. It also means the pastors are agreeing to love, lead, pray for, teach, and guide members while living out what the Bible requires of them. Membership is a choice to walk in biblical community with others who will hold you accountable to pursue your greatest good in Christ. It’s also a decision to join a family on mission.

CT_300by300_MembershipMattersHere is how you can become a member of Crosstown Church:

  1. Register for our next Membership Matters class on The City. The class is generally offered three times a year. Click to create an account on The City if you don’t have one.
  2. Complete all 6 sessions of the Membership Matters class (with no more than three being done online).
  3. Request a membership interview with the council of elders by completing this form. Prior to your interview, be sure to read through Crosstown’s Confession of Faith and update your profile on The City.
  4. Sign our church covenant and be presented as a member to the church family on a Sunday morning.

To sign up for our next Membership Class, click here.