How We Use The City

CT_95by95_TheCityWe want to use The City as a tool to foster communication within the church community. As with all other parts of community, that requires a commitment from everyone involved. The following explain more about what we are expecting from users of The City:

Email Notifications

  1. We expect you to have a City account linked to your primary (most frequently checked) personal email account.
  2. We expect you to have the Crosstown Church group email notifications set to something other than “Nothing”. The reason is quite simply that we communicate important information to the church through the City. We want to make sure you get notified of new information. We commit to carefully control who can post in this group and how often you will receive updates so you will not get hammered with emails from this group
    (Hint: We recommend setting this to “New Things”—that is actually the most efficient way to make sure you get all the important information.)
  3. We expect you to have your missional family group email notifications set to something other than “Nothing”. Each missional family communicates differently, but when they send something through The City, we want to make sure you see it.

Financial Tracking

  1. We keep all our contribution records updated on The City. You are responsible to periodically check your giving records for accuracy.
  2. We request and encourage you to download your own contribution statement in January of each year. If you request a printed copy, however, we will gladly provide one.
  3. We do NOT require online giving, but we recommend it.

General Interaction

  1. We expect you to use The City to RSVP to an event when we explicitly ask for one. We will not ask for them for many events, but may allow them. If we request one, though, we are planning based on response.
  2. We invite you to use every tool The City provides to communicate, but we do NOT require interaction other than RSVPs as described above. The goal of The City is simply to offer a tool to encourage community communication and planning.

Profile Information

  1. We expect you to keep your mailing address, email, and phone contact current. This allows the pastoral council to contact you. You may set the level of privacy for how this information is displayed to users as you are comfortable.
    (Hint: You may add more than one mailing address. If you don’t want the exact details displayed, you could add an intersection near your house and make that public, but keep the exact address private.)
  2. We prefer you have a profile picture, but you may choose not to. If you are willing to set a profile picture, we expect you to choose a picture that meets the following requirements:
  • Facial picture. The profile pictures are really small. That great picture of you in front of the Grand Canyon is going to look something like a black spot in front of a bunch of beautiful dessert colors. Please make sure we can see your face clearly.
  • Picture of you. We love your spouse. We love your kids. But when their face shows up next to your post, it can be confusing. Please make sure your picture is primarily of you. It’s fine if we can make out someone else in the picture, but we don’t want there to be any question whose profile it is.
    We might not love your sports team. We might not recognize your favorite vacation spot. Please make sure your profile picture is a picture of you.