Worship Gathering

Crosstown Church is leasing our worship gathering space at Baptist Temple. You can find us gathering for worship at 10:30 a.m. at 2433 NW 30th St, Oklahoma City. Parking is available on the north as well as the east side of the facility.




CT_95by95_Communion Worship gatherings are at the building located at 2433 NW 30th Street every Sunday morning at 10:30. Click for directions.

CT_95by95_CommunityMissional Families revolve around two things: Family – who we are in Christ; and Mission – what Jesus sent us to do. We are reorienting our normal, everyday lives around these two concepts. We are trying to live our ordinary lives with gospel intentionality. We eat together, play together, work through God’s Story together, serve together, and celebrate together. There is not necessarily a set time that Families gather, although we do encourage them to eat a meal together at least once a week.

CT_95by95_FightClubFight Clubs are same-gender groups of 2-3 members gathering regularly for the purpose to knowing the Truth, repenting of sin, applying the gospel, and moving toward mission.